My Happy Place

May 25, 2017

I have called Gridley, IL home for exactly 8 months now and it feels just like that, HOME. As hard as the move away from my life, as I knew it, was I have absolutely fallen in love with our little house on 6th street in Gridley. As much as I miss my little studio on main street in Tremont, I have come to adore working from home. One of the main perks being my desk is less than 5 steps from our fully stocked fridge 🙂
Working from home has added a new level of freedom to my business. And has made blending my responsibilities as a business owner and wife a very smooth transition. It is so nice to be able to throw a load of laundry in and walk two steps back into my office to work until it is done. Now for all the convenience working from home brings I still am doing quite a bit of commuting for business. But I can’t complain.
Everyone loves to ask me “how life is in Gridley?” And the best answer I can come up with is I am finding my new normal. It’s different but good. I am so thankful to have my sweet husband to do life with! Business has been great. I am beyond blessed with amazing clients who have been patient with me through all the transition these past few months. And most importantly life is good because I have a hope bigger than anything this world has to offer. So even on the days when all the change is more than a little overwhelming I find joy in the fact I KNOW the Lord is on His throne and I find peace in knowing life is more than my circumstances.
This day and this picture are brought to you by scalding hot mint tea (which I spilled on myself trying to take this picture), my favorite T-shirt and leggings (thank you Luke & Cat Photography and LulaRoe by Krista Hancock), and even more dry shampoo than yesterday. If you need me I will be nestled in my little share bedroom office answering email and catching up on editing.
Thanks for stopping by the blog to check in on me. XOXO, Els

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