Hard at Work

May 31, 2013

Life has been pretty crazy for these past couple weeks! It is times like these, though, that I am beyond appreciative for my awesome family and friends. The new place has been filled nearly every night with eager helpers and lots of laughter! And I love it! Getting to spend time with the people I love, while getting a little bit of free labor is a win win for me. Things are moving right along and as the place continues to transform so quickly I have to remind myself to stop and capture these times of togetherness. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the behind the scenes progress.
This is the brains behind all the construction! God blessed me with the best parents anyone could ask for. Dad has been so patient in listening to my rather larger than life ideas and making them a reality!

We had to get a little creative when making the window seats. Cutting the foam with a electric craving knife worked out very slick!

Moving Day: We spent quite an eventful evening moving furniture and office supplies across town.

4 truck loads and only one prop fell out onto Rt. 9. I would say thats success!

Got to love this always helpful couple 😉

The very last load took some creativity on the boys part! They had it rigged up like a sail boat with just bailing twine! Needless to say it held and they were very proud of it.

A lot of time has been spent on ladders scrapping and repainting walls and wood work!

And this lady fastest paint brush in the west 🙂 She really is a great painter and always there to help no matter how messy the job gets!

Here’s a question?? How many boys does it take to get a door screwed on? The answer is probably not this many but they are always there to offer moral support to each other!

I Love this picture! Let’s just say that Michael wasn’t all that excited that the only power tool left for him to use was the little, pink, battery operated drill 🙂

This is a site Main St. in Tremont has been seeing for the past couple weeks!


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  1. Miranda

    June 3rd, 2013 at 6:26 pm

    Looks awesome Elsie!